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360 Video Booths is the leading provider of 360 Video Booth Hire in Suffolk, UK. With over 10 years of experience in the events industry, our professional event staff are experts in creating innovative and interactive experiences for your guests. We have earned hundreds of 5-star reviews and have worked with big-name clients like Spotify, Nike, and Google. Our 360 video booth hire service is reliable and guaranteed to make your event memorable. Experience the future of event entertainment with our 360 video booths.

At 360 Video Booths, we’re dedicated to making your events unforgettable with our innovative 360 video booth hire service. We’re proud to offer a unique, interactive experience that’s guaranteed to impress your guests. Based in Suffolk, UK, we can bring this cutting-edge technology right to your doorstep. This isn’t just any old photo booth – it’s a full 360-degree video recording experience! It’s quick, easy, and reliable, ensuring you capture memories from every angle. We’re all about taking your event to the next level with a fun and immersive visual experience. Trust us, your guests will be talking about it for years to come!

Elevate Your Event Entertainment with 360 Video Booth Hire

When it comes to event entertainment, we’ve always believed that it’s crucial to push the boundaries and create unforgettable experiences. That’s where our 360 video booth hire comes into play. Imagine your guests stepping onto a platform, surrounded by cutting-edge technology, as they become stars of their own cinematic mini-movie. Our 360 video booth doesn’t just capture memories; it transforms them into dynamic, shareable moments that will be talked about long after the event is over.

We’re not talking about your standard photo booth here. Our 360 video booth takes things to an entirely new level. It spins around your guests, capturing every laugh, every dance move, every spontaneous moment from all angles – creating a stunning panoramic video that can be shared instantly on social media platforms or saved for future viewing pleasure. And don’t worry about lighting or sound – we’ve got that covered too! With professional-grade lighting and crystal-clear sound recording equipment included in our setup, you can count on top-notch quality.

But what truly sets our 360 video booth apart is how it makes everyone feel like a VIP. Stepping into the spotlight isn’t just reserved for celebrities anymore – now all your attendees get their chance at stardom! The excitement builds as they step onto the platform knowing they are about to star in their own unique movie clip. This sense of anticipation and thrill adds an extra layer of joy and engagement to any event – whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate function or birthday bash – making us confident in saying that our 360 Video Booth really is the ultimate in event entertainment.

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Video Booths 360

At 360 Video Booths, we’re dedicated to providing a unique and interactive experience for all your event needs. As a leading provider of 360 video booth hire in Suffolk, UK, we’ve earned hundreds of 5-star reviews and have had the privilege to work with big names like Spotify, Nike, Google and more. With over 10 years’ experience in the events industry, our trained and professional staff are reliable and ready to bring innovation to your event. Choose us for your next event – you won’t be disappointed!


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Video Booths 360 Gallery
Video Booths 360 Gallery
Video Booths 360 Gallery

Unrivalled, Reliable 360 Video Booth Hire in Suffolk

Searching for a top-notch 360 video booth hire in Suffolk? Well, you’ve just stumbled upon the absolute best! We’re not just blowing our own trumpet here – with over a decade of experience under our belts, we’ve become quite the experts. We’re renowned throughout Suffolk for our reliability; we won’t just meet your expectations – we’ll shatter them into smithereens!

Let’s face it; everyone wants their event to be unforgettable. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide an unparalleled service that is nothing short of otherworldly. It’s as if Mother Nature herself has gifted us with the ability to turn ordinary gatherings into extraordinary spectacles! Our 360 video booths are state-of-the-art masterpieces designed to mesmerise and captivate.

1. They capture every second from all angles – because who wouldn’t want to relive those magical moments over and over?
2. They’re so user-friendly even your grandma could operate them.
3. Their top-quality output will make Hollywood filmmakers green with envy!

So, if you need a reliable 360 video booth hire in Suffolk that delivers results more astonishing than witnessing a unicorn gallop across a rainbow – then WE are your guys!

360 Video Booth Package

360 Video Booth Product

Optional Extra's

Custom Branding

We can brand the Video Booth 360 to feature the branding and logo of your event.

Extra LED Lighting

We can provide extra LED lighting to provide that studio effect at an event.

Trained Staff

We can provide fully trained staff for your event, making sure everything runs smooth.

What do we need?

Usually, we have minimal requirements for our Video Booths 360. We need a cubic space of 3M (L) x 3M (W) x 2.1M (H) to fit our video booth 360, as well as direct access to a 240V main socket. Additionally, we need access to the venue around 1 hour before hire so we can set up everything properly and without any issues. We also require a non-refundable deposit that helps secure your date.

Lewis Greenhill
Lewis Greenhill
12 May 2024
From start to finish is company is the best yet Customer service was exceptional any questions I had was responded to immediately by Robb (he made the experience so easy) tammy was also amazing The staff made me and my guest feel so relaxed explaining how to use the equipment and share the videos are we had used the equipment. I had seen companies in the past using this equipment and the videos was always unstable and shaky but you do not get that with videos booth 360 I have recommended to my friends and work colleges and have already booked my next event with these guys This company isn’t just there for the financial gains they really are deliver a outstanding service and experience Well done you lot 5 stars all round Thank you
Miccole Galvin
Miccole Galvin
6 May 2024
Fantastic service from start to finish, the team were so professional and the selfie pod really did make the evening! Thank you so much 🎉
Philip Powell
Philip Powell
22 March 2024
Robb has been fantastic all the way through getting us set up with our new 360 Photo Booth. This is sure to be enjoyed by many in our organisation, and we cannot wait to get started using it. Thanks again for the high quality service.
19 March 2024
Video Booth 360 has been fantastic with their help and support from my queries about a selfie pod and the whole process when I purchased it. Great communication, Highly recommend.
P. K.
P. K.
9 January 2024
Top top service all the way with Video Booths 360 - really easy, professional and pleasant service from start to finish. Super lovely staff and a great product at our event. Couldn't recommend higher. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!!!
Jack Beckford
Jack Beckford
10 November 2023
I have used Lee and the team on a couple of occasions. I can honestly say their equipment on offer is superb and customer service is second to none. Would not hesitate to use again and recommend to others.
Pvan Dathrill
Pvan Dathrill
29 August 2023
ITZ360_ ITZ360_
ITZ360_ ITZ360_
11 August 2023
The best 360 video booth supplier! Whether it’s to purchase your new booth or to deal with repairs on your existing equipment...they’ve got you covered! The team consists of a very kind and genuine set of fellas. We can assure that they will look after anyone already in, or with the prospect of getting into the video booth business. Would 100% recommend!!!
mark peter
mark peter
8 August 2023
Great service! From the first point of contact and then purchasing a 360°, the service has been excellent and now have a good relationship. Highly recommend. Groove Booth Photo Booth
Tara Hector
Tara Hector
26 May 2023
Really great experience with these guys! They’re always available to answer questions and support you through starting up your business. Super helpful guys! I can’t fault the booth or other products I’ve bought from Videobooths360. Everything was branded exactly how I wanted it.

Why is '360 Video Booth Hire' the Perfect Addition to Your Event?

Have you ever wondered how you can make your event more memorable and unique? How about capturing every moment in 360 degrees? That’s exactly what we offer at 360 Video Booths. Our state-of-the-art, easy-to-use video booths allow your guests to record their own amazing 360-degree videos.

We believe that a picture may be worth a thousand words but a video, especially one in 360 degrees, is priceless. Not only does it capture moments as they happen, but it also allows viewers to truly experience them again whenever they want. Our service keeps guests entertained throughout your event and ensures the fun continues even after it ends with unforgettable videos.

* Experience events from all angles with our cutting-edge video technology
* Easy-to-use booths for all ages
* Provides endless entertainment for guests during the event
* Keepsake videos are accessible long after the party ends
* Unique addition to any event

With our 360 Video Booths, you’re not just hiring a service; you’re creating an exciting activity and ensuring lasting memories of your special occasion. So why wait? Add an extra dose of fun to your next event with our innovative video booth hire!

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