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360 Video Booths at London Zoo’s Night Safari: Fridays Unleash the Fun!

360 video booths london zoo

London Zoo, an iconic hub of wildlife fascination, has always been a place where memories are made. But did you know that now, on Friday evenings, those memories can be captured in an entirely new and immersive way? Thanks to 360 Video Booths, the London Zoo Night Safari has become an even more thrilling and unforgettable experience.


Experience the Magic of London Zoo’s Night Safari


London Zoo’s Night Safari is a special event that allows visitors to explore the zoo after hours when many of its inhabitants are at their most active. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the nocturnal behaviour of animals from all around the world. But now, there’s an extra layer of excitement to add to the mix.


The 360 Video Booth Experience


360 Video Booths, a cutting-edge experiential tech company, has set up shop at London Zoo’s Night Safari every Friday. They’ve brought with them a state-of-the-art 360-degree video booth, where you and your loved ones can capture unforgettable moments in a whole new dimension.


360 Video Booths, the pioneers of experiential technology, have set up shop at London Zoo’s Night Safari every Friday. Our high-tech 360-degree video booth lets you and your companions capture unforgettable moments in a completely immersive way. It’s a technological marvel that takes your Night Safari adventure to a whole new dimension.

How It Works


  • Step 1: Visit the 360 Video Booth at the heart of the Night Safari area.
  • Step 2: Step into the booth with your group and get ready for a unique adventure.
  • Step 3: With a simple push of a button, the booth records a 360-degree video of your group, capturing the excitement, wonder, and joy of your Night Safari experience.
  • Step 4: Within minutes, you’ll have a shareable, immersive video that captures the magic of the evening.


Preserve Your Night Safari Memories


The 360 Video Booths experience allows you to relive your Night Safari adventure as many times as you like. Share it with friends and family on social media or keep it as a treasured keepsake. The choice is yours!


Creating Lasting Memories


London Zoo’s Night Safari is already a remarkable experience, but with the addition of 360 Video Booths, it becomes an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re exploring the enchanting world of tigers, watching playful penguins, or experiencing the nocturnal antics of the rainforest, 360 Video Booths ensures that your Night Safari memories are etched in time.


By participating in the 360 Video Booths experience during London Zoo’s Night Safari, you’re not only creating cherished memories for yourself but also contributing to a vital cause. A portion of the proceeds from every 360 Video Booth session goes directly to supporting wildlife conservation efforts. So, as you capture the beauty and wonder of these incredible creatures, you’re also playing a role in preserving their natural habitats and ensuring a future where they continue to thrive. It’s an adventure that not only touches your heart but also helps protect the very wildlife that makes the Night Safari so mesmerizing. Your visit truly makes a difference.


Join the Friday Fun


Don’t miss the chance to be part of this exciting fusion of technology and wildlife wonder. Make your Friday Night Safari at London Zoo truly unforgettable with 360 Video Booths. Capture the magic, share the joy, and let the wild world of the zoo come to life.


Experience the Night Safari like never before—join us every Friday for a wild, immersive adventure with 360 Video Booths at London Zoo. Reserve your spot, and let the fun begin!


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