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Glambot Robot

Elevate Your Event with Cutting-Edge Entertainment

Perfect Shots, No Photographer Needed

Glambot uses advanced AI and computer vision to automatically track and focus on your face or group. It adjusts positioning and framing to get the perfect angle every time.

Portable, Flexible Design

With its lightweight, flexible arm that extends up to 3 feet, Glambot can be mounted anywhere – tripods, walls, tables and more. It folds up compactly for travel.

Brilliant Image Quality

The 20MP camera with 4K video captures crystal-clear photos and smooth, stabilized video footage. Built-in LED lights ensure flawless lighting in any environment.

Simple, Intuitive Controls
Control Glambot seamlessly with voice commands, hand gestures, or the mobile app. Switch between photo/video modes, control zoom, and snap photos with ease.


What is the Glambot?

The Portable, AI-Powered Photography Arm Say goodbye to awkward selfies and blurry group photos. Glambot is the ultimate photography companion that lets you capture stunning, professional-grade photos and videos effortlessly.

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Why Choose the Glambot?

Superior Quality

The Glambot boasts high-definition cameras and advanced lighting to capture every moment in exquisite detail. Perfect for red carpet entrances, corporate galas, and VIP events, it ensures every shot is publication-ready.

Unique Engagement

Transform your event into an unforgettable experience with the Glambot. Unlike traditional photo booths, it offers interactive, slow-motion video captures that highlight every elegant detail, making your guests feel like stars.

Custom Branding

Tailor the Glambot experience to align with your brand. Choose from a variety of customisable backdrops and branded overlays to ensure that every photo and video reflects your event’s unique theme and corporate identity.

Instant Social Media Integration

Amplify your event’s reach with the Glambot’s instant sharing capabilities. Guests can immediately share their glamorous photos and videos on social media, creating buzz and extending the impact of your event.