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How Much Does a Photo Booth Cost at a Wedding?

Wedding photo booth costs

You might be surprised to learn that the price of a photo booth at your wedding can vary as widely as your choice of cake or band. While you’re meticulously planning your special day, you should know that photo booth rentals aren’t a one-size-fits-all expense.


Factors like the type of booth, the length of time you want it operational, and the features you desire—such as digital copies, props, or even a social media station—can all impact the bottom line. Additionally, there may be hidden costs that you haven’t considered, such as setup and breakdown fees or travel expenses for the rental company.


Before you make room in your budget for those candid, quirky snapshots, let’s explore the nuances of photo booth costs and uncover some savvy tips that could help keep your wallet from losing too much weight on your big day.


Key Takeaways


– The cost of a photo booth at a wedding is influenced by factors such as the type of booth (classic, open-air, mirror, GIF), the length of rental duration, customization options, space requirements, and hidden costs.

– Different types of photo booths offer unique features and enhancements, such as classic enclosed booths, open-air booths adaptable to different backdrops, interactive mirror booths with touch screen capabilities, and GIF booths for creating shareable animated images.

– Additional features and enhancements to consider include prop variety, instant printing, digital copies, social media integration, and custom branding.

– The rental duration impacts the cost, with common durations ranging from 2 to 4 hours. Longer rentals may be eligible for discounts, and coordination with the reception flow and peak usage times should be considered. There may also be opportunities for idle hours at a reduced rate.


Photo Booth Rental Basics


When considering a photo booth rental for your wedding, it’s essential to understand the key elements that determine its cost and setup. Customization options can significantly impact the price. You’re not just paying for a standard booth; you’re investing in the experience it provides. Options range from selecting specific backdrops, props, and photo formats to adding personalised touches like your wedding hashtag or monogram. Each added feature transforms the booth to better align with your wedding theme, but also adjusts the cost accordingly.


Space requirements are another critical factor. The size of the photo booth and its equipment dictates how much of your venue’s space it’ll occupy. You’ll need to allocate a dedicated area that’s easily accessible, yet doesn’t interfere with other activities. Consider the flow of traffic and how guests will move around the booth. A professional rental company can provide precise dimensions and help you plan the layout.


Types and Features


Understanding the various types and features of photo booths will further guide your decision as you tailor the experience to your wedding’s unique style. Photo booths come in different forms, each offering distinctive experiences:


– Classic Photo Booths: Enclosed booths that provide a sense of privacy and nostalgia.

Selfie Pods: Next-gen pods which has the ease of a classic photo booth without the booth

– Open-Air Booths: Allow more space and are adaptable to different backdrop choices.

Mirror Booths: Interactive, full-length mirrors with touch screen capabilities.


Considering backdrop choices and prop variety can significantly enhance the fun:


Backdrop Choices:

– Customizable Options: Personalise your wedding theme or monogram.

– Green Screen: Enable various digital backgrounds.


Prop Variety:

– Themed Props: Align with your wedding style or a fun concept.

– Quality & Diversity: Ensure props aren’t only fun but also of good quality.


Each type often comes with a range of features such as instant printing, digital copies, social media integration, and custom branding. The more features you opt for, the higher the cost may be, but they also contribute to a more memorable experience for you and your guests.


Rental Duration Impact


The duration of your photo booth rental plays a critical role in determining the overall cost for your wedding reception. Typically, photo booth companies offer a range of rental periods to fit various event schedules, with the most common durations being 2 to 4 hours.


It’s essential to understand how package flexibility can affect your budget. If you opt for a longer rental, some providers might offer discounts on additional hours beyond their standard package, which can result in savings.


When planning, consider the flow of your reception and the peak times you expect guests to use the photo booth. This insight is crucial for venue coordination, ensuring that the photo booth is fully utilised without incurring unnecessary costs for idle time.


Some companies might even offer idle hours at a reduced rate, allowing you to have the photo booth set up early but active only during your desired time frame.

Ways to Save on Rentals


To trim your wedding expenses, consider these savvy strategies for reducing photo booth rental costs without compromising on fun.


Effective budget planning is key, so start by setting a clear limit for what you’re willing to spend. This will help you negotiate with vendors and keep you from overspending.


Look for packages that include only the features you really want. Many companies offer bundled services, but if you’re not going to use everything included, you’re essentially paying for things you don’t need. Don’t hesitate to ask for a customised package that fits your budget.


Another way to save is to opt for a less busy day or off-peak season. Vendors often offer discounts for events held on weekdays or during less popular times of the year. This can significantly lower your rental costs.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Customise the Photo Booth to Match My Wedding Theme or Decor?

You can absolutely customise your photo booth with theme selection and decor integration to seamlessly blend it into your special day’s aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive and professional touch to your celebration.


Are There Any Insurance or Liability Concerns I Should Be Aware of When Renting a Photo Booth for My Wedding?

You should ensure the vendor provides insurance policies and you may be asked to sign liability waivers to protect both parties in case of any accidents or damages during the wedding event.


How Much Time Is Needed for Setting up and Dismantling the Photo Booth on My Wedding Day?

Imagine your wedding space transforming as a photo booth appears. You’ll typically need about an hour for setup and 30 minutes for dismantling, ensuring both setup duration and dismantling efficiency are optimised.


Will There Be an Attendant Present to Assist Guests and Ensure the Photo Booth Operates Smoothly Throughout the Event?

Yes, a well-trained attendant will be present to assist your guests, offering clear instruction to ensure the photo booth runs smoothly, enhancing the enjoyment and creating lasting memories at your event.


What Happens if the Photo Booth Malfunctions or Stops Working During My Wedding Reception?

If your photo booth malfunctions during the reception, you’ll have technical support on hand. They’ll provide quick fixes or backup solutions to ensure you don’t miss out on capturing those memorable moments.




In wrapping up, remember that renting a photo booth for your wedding adds a fun element for guests and creates lasting memories. To ensure value, always check for hidden fees and consider timing to avoid peak pricing.


Interestingly, nearly 20% of couples choose to include a photo booth, signifying its growing popularity. Invest wisely and your photo booth experience can be both memorable and cost-effective.

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