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Why Are 360 Video Booths a Must-Have for Your Next Big Event?

Why Are 360 Video Booths a Must-Have for Your Next Big Event?

Imagine your event as a canvas, where every moment is a stroke of colour and life. A 360 video booth isn’t just an addition; it’s a necessity that transforms this canvas into a masterpiece, offering a panoramic view of these vibrant moments.   You’re not only engaging guests with an immersive experience but also empowering […]

360 Videobooths Making Camden Events Memorable

360 Video Booth Camden Events

In the heart of Camden, London, an event recently unfolded that would set a new benchmark for event entertainment, thanks to Videobooths360. This innovative company brought an unparalleled level of fun and engagement to the proceedings with their cutting-edge 360 Video Booth and Digital Pod. The event was a testament to how modern technology can […]

360 Videobooths Enhancing New Year Celebrations

360 videobooths events

As the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins, everyone seeks innovative ways to capture the essence of celebration and joy. Videobooths360, a pioneer in immersive event experiences, has revolutionised the way we commemorate these special occasions. This article delves into the transformative impact of 360 videobooths on New Year celebrations, offering a fresh […]

How Do Video Booths Improve an Event?

Video Booths

You might not realise it, but video booths offer a unique twist to traditional event photography that can significantly enhance your next gathering. By providing a platform for guests to express themselves creatively, these booths not only capture memories in a dynamic format but also foster a deeper level of engagement among attendees.   From […]

What Makes a 360 Video Booths Popular in 2024?

360 video booths 2024

In the realm of event entertainment, the 360 video booth is the phoenix rising from the ashes of traditional photography, reborn with a flair that captivates the modern crowd. You’ve likely seen these booths capturing every angle of joy and excitement, offering a panoramic view of moments that traditional cameras miss.   But what exactly […]