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360 Video Booths’ Immersive Triumph: Transforming Nike’s Like a Lioness Campaign

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In the world of sports marketing, creating a memorable and impactful campaign is no easy task. For Nike, renowned for its innovative and inspiring campaigns, the “Like a Lioness” campaign for the England Women’s Football Team was set to be a defining moment. To make it truly exceptional, Nike turned to 360 Video booths to provide an immersive experience like no other.


The Campaign’s Vision


Nike’s “Like a Lioness” campaign went beyond celebrating athleticism; it was a rallying cry for gender equality in sports. The campaign’s vision was rooted in the idea that the lioness spirit isn’t confined to the pitch; it’s a symbol of strength, resilience, and unwavering determination that women carry into every aspect of their lives. Nike aimed to break stereotypes, challenging traditional notions of femininity and encouraging women to embrace their competitive edge, whether on the field or in their careers. By highlighting the England Women’s Football Team as an ambassador of this spirit, the campaign sought to inspire future generations to roar with confidence.


At its core, the “Like a Lioness” campaign was a call for inclusivity and diversity in sports. Nike recognised that the lioness spirit knows no boundaries of age, background, or identity. The campaign embraced players from diverse backgrounds, acknowledging that their unique stories and journeys were essential in shaping the landscape of women’s football. Nike’s vision aimed to create a united front, where women from all walks of life could come together under the banner of the lioness, supporting one another’s dreams and aspirations, both on and off the field.


One of the campaign’s central goals was to provide young girls with strong and relatable role models in the world of sports. By showcasing the incredible talent and dedication of the England Women’s Football Team, Nike wanted to demonstrate that dreams of athletic greatness were attainable. The campaign envisioned a future where aspiring athletes could look up to these lionesses and see themselves as the next generation of champions. It aimed to instil the belief that with hard work, determination, and unwavering commitment, they too could achieve their goals and inspire the world with their prowess, just like the lionesses who blazed the trail before them.


Enter 360 Video booths


When Nike embarked on the “Like a Lioness” campaign, they recognised the need for a partner who could turn their vision into a tangible, immersive reality. This is where 360 Video booths stepped in as the catalyst for innovation. With their expertise in creating cutting-edge immersive experiences, 360 Video booths became an integral part of the campaign’s success story. Their collaborative approach involved working closely with Nike to not only understand the campaign’s essence but also to infuse it with immersive elements that would captivate and engage the audience. 360 Video booths’s ability to seamlessly merge technology, storytelling, and creativity transformed the campaign into an unforgettable experience that extended far beyond the traditional boundaries of marketing.


360 Video booths’s contribution to the “Like a Lioness” campaign went beyond conventional marketing tactics. They introduced a blend of 360-degree video booths, all designed to immerse attendees in the world of lionesses. These innovations took the campaign launch event to a new level, allowing people to not just witness but also experience the passion and intensity of women’s football. 360 Video booths’s role was instrumental in crafting an unforgettable experience that left a lasting imprint on attendees and amplified the campaign’s impact, ensuring that the roar of the lionesses would echo for years to come.




The collaboration between Nike and 360 Video booths was a resounding success. It not only elevated the “Like a Lioness” campaign but also showcased the power of immersive experiences in sports marketing. By combining cutting-edge technology with a powerful message, Nike and 360 Video booths left an indelible mark on the England Women’s Football Team’s journey, inspiring a generation of lionesses to chase their dreams with unwavering courage.


In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and technology, partnerships like these remind us that innovation and creativity know no bounds. As we continue to witness groundbreaking campaigns, one thing remains clear: when visionary brands like Nike collaborate with pioneers like 360 Video booths, the possibilities are limitless.


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